Can you give me some examples of recent dissertation topics?

Here are a few recent examples of dissertation topics:

  • “Developmental Outcomes in a Nationally Representative Sample of Sexually Abused Boys: The Moderating Role of Family and Peer Context, by Jennifer Elkins (May 2011). Sponsor: Professor Michael MacKenzie
  • “Health and Health Disparities in the US and England: A Comparative Study,” by Melissa Martinson (October 2010). Sponsor: Professor Julien Teitler
  • "Justice for All? How Race Influences the Intake Process in Juvenile Court," by Stephanie K. Matsumura (October 2009). Sponsor: Professor Vicki Lens
  • "Relationship Power and Sexual Risk among Drug-involved Women," by Aimee Campbell (May 2009). Sponsor: Professor Nabila El-Bassel