Julien Teitler

Associate Professor of Social Work and Sociology; Director, Social Indicators Survey Center


Julien Teitler is Professor of Social Work and Sociology and Director of the Columbia University Social Indicators Survey Center. Teitler’s research focuses on the effects of social environments and policies on families and children, on health disparities, and on research methodology. Teitler teaches classes in Human Behavior and the Social Environment and in Research Methodology. 

Research Interests:

  • Adolescent transitions
  • Health disparities
  • Social inequality
  • Family policy
  • Welfare reform
  • Research methods

Selected Publications:

Book Chapters

Teitler, J. (2009). The changing family and public health. In R. Detels, R. Beaglehole, M. Lansan, & M. Gulliford (Eds.), Oxford textbook of public health (5th ed.).

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Teitler, J., & Ben-Arieh, A. (2005). Where should the research go? Some possible directions and their research implications. In A. Ben-Arieh& R. M. Goerge (Eds.), Indicators of children's well being: Understanding their role, usage and policy influence. Springer: Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Garfinkel, I., Kaushal, N., Teitler, J., & Garcia, S. (2005). Vulnerability and resilience: New Yorkers respond to 9/11. In N. Foner (Ed.), Wounded city: The social effects of the World Trade Center attack on New York City. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

Journal Articles

Teitler, J., Reichman, N. E., Nepomnyaschy, L., & Garfinkel, I. (forthcoming). Effects of welfare participation on marriage. Journal of Marriage and Family.

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