Alumna Jennifer Bornemann (MS'00) has been deployed to Monrovia, Liberia, to care for victims of Ebola. We wish her all the best and our thoughts are with her during the holidays.

The Columbia Population Research Center, in partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation, has released its Fall 2014 Poverty Tracker, the second in a series of reports on the state of poverty in New York City.

In this podcast, we talk to Associate Professor Louisa Gilbert, who co-directs, with Professor Nabila El-Bassel, the School of Social Work’s Global Health Research Center of Central Asia. This year marks the 10th anniversary of their efforts to assist regional NGOs in Central Asia with developing solutions to the region's HIV/STI, hepatitis C and TB epidemics.

In the wake of the Grand Jury decisions not to indict the police officers who killed Eric Garner and Michael Brown, members of the CSSW community have issued a statement speaking out against racism and oppression in our country and its criminal justice system.

The protest marches on behalf of Ferguson are a "statement about the long overdue need to confront and eradicate racism and to fix institutions, among them the criminal justice system," says Dean Jeanette Takamura in this statement.

Associate Professor Leopoldo J. Cabassa has been awarded an R01 grant from the NIMH to conduct a trial of a peer-led healthy lifestyle intervention for clients who have mental illness and are overweight or obese.

As reported in PLOS ONE, a study by the School of Social Work's Social Intervention Group found that both multimedia and face-to-face interventions worked well in reducing HIV risks for formerly incarcerated women in New York City who are on parole or under some form of community supervision.

Two years after Hurricane Sandy, what socio-economic lessons have we learned from the deadly storm? Researchers from the Columbia Population Research Center, housed within our School, comb through the data from the Robin Hood Foundation-funded Poverty Tracker for answers.

How does fall semester at our School look from the perspective of our dean, Jeanette Takamura? She shares (at least!) 5 "cool things" in this podcast, and we also learn some amazing facts about her...

Craig Theisen (MS'15) appraises the messages at the heart of a new book by the Starbucks CEO, from the perspective of one who served in the Air Force for 20 years and is now enrolled in our graduate program.

Based in part on her personal evolution and in part on her study of clinical social work and years of experience as a psychotherapist, Laurie Marsden (MSW'99) has entered a new phase of her career. She has launched an online therapy program that aims to help other women evolve.

In honor of Veteran's Day 2014, we present a video of one of our current students, an Air Force veteran, recounting his pathway to the social work profession.

As Dean Jeanette Takamura explains in this podcast, our alumni participate in the life-blood of the Columbia School of Social Work in myriad ways, including by giving.

Watch this video capturing a few of the highlights of this year's Self-Care Day, and shed some stress vicariously!

In this episode, Associate Professor Louisa Gilbert and doctoral candidate Angela Aifah discuss the reaction to the Ebola health crisis in the United States.

The Columbia School of Social Work is becoming an incubator for training specialists in an innovative treatment method known as Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

The Columbia School of Social Work now has an online campus. Find out more by watching this video.

On Friday, October 3rd, at 1:00 p.m. EST, you can ask Dr. Kathy Spear anything on Reddit! Spread the word...

Complicated grief is an under-recognized mental health problem that affects million Americans, many of them elderly. Dr. Katherine Shear just now completed the first full-scale randomized clinical trial studying complicated grief in the elderly, which found that a new treatment approach encouraging patients to re-live the loss and reflect on its meaning is twice as successful as traditional depression therapy.

Liv Anna Homstead (MS‘12) has been partnering with the School of Social Work in developing a support system for overburdened caseworkers in New York City's foster care system, as part of her work with Children's Corps.

Welcome, new students! We present some vital statistics about your class as well as a short film in which graduating students from this past spring impart some advice. Enjoy!

Professor Leopoldo Cabassa speaks out on the importance of breaking the silence surrounding those who are depressed, in this article just now published in El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico's largest-circulation newspaper.

The Communications Office talks to Professor Dana Alonzo about the tragic death of Robin Williams, her studies of suicidality, and what can be done to reverse America's rising suicide rates, particularly among men in Williams' age category.

Three of our professors have embarked on an ambitious study of an elusive widespread social condition: urban poverty. Columbia Magazine has the story.

Dr. Jack Shonkoff, the 2014 Lucille N. Austin Lecturer, has a long connection with the social work profession. In this podcast, he talks about how social work practice may change with at-risk children as a result of new findings on the brain's early development.

The Workplace Center at the Columbia School of Social Work, in partnership with the Council on Social Work Education, has been awarded funding to integrate career development and employment, financial literacy, and self-sufficiency competencies into the curricula for CSWE-accredited programs.

Professor Nabila El-Bassel takes time out to answer some questions about her participation in the 2014 International AIDS Conference, where she is presenting a paper, and about her work of the past 25 years in the field of AIDS intervention research.

The Social Intervention Group and the Global Health Research Center of Central Asia pay tribute to the tragic loss of colleagues in the international AIDS field, on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

Professor Vicki Lens converses with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Harry Gantz, who was the keynote speaker at this year's Capstone Workshop. He and his brother, Joe, created the documentary "American Winter," which tells the stories of eight middle class families in Portland, Oregon, who were hit hard after the economic downturn of 2007.

The Harlem high schoolers are back, working on SAT prep as part of a summer program designed by CSSW's Achievement Initiative. Watch an overview of the Initiative's work [VIDEO].

In this short video, Associate Professor Fred Ssewamala recounts a typical day in the life of a rural Ugandan youth—a story that helps provide context for the interventions he designs for helping young people in this East African country stay in school.

New research by Associate Professor Dana Alonzo suggests that the mental health effects of divorce may linger on well into adulthood, putting children of divorce at greater risk of suicide.

Arthur and Lois Stainman have endowed a fellowship program with a $2.7 million gift in honor of Mrs. Stainman’s father, who earned his M.S. at CSSW. Beginning in autumn, two incoming students will receive full-tuition support to for both years of their M.S. studies.

In the United States, more than half of people with serious mental illness do not get treatment at all. Perhaps if we addressed this crisis, we might also end up with fewer homicides, argues Adjunct Associate Professor Michael Friedman.

An article in Parade Magazine featuring the work of a member of the School of Social Work’s faculty, Dr. M. Katherine Shear, has won the 2014 award for “Best Magazine Article” from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

On May 21, 2014, our graduates joined Columbia Commencement on the main campus, and then trekked down to Beacon Theatre for the School of Social Work graduation. Here is the story of that special day...in photos, tweets, videos, and text.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse division of the National Institutes of Health has announced funding for a new training program on bio-socio-behavioral HIV and drug abuse prevention, treatment, and care in the U.S. criminal justice system, with Professors Nabila El-Bassel of our School and Professor Linda R. Metsch at the Mailman School serving as lead investigators.

At the annual meeting of the National Association of Social Workers-New York City, held on May 15, 2014, two alumni of the Columbia School of Social Work were recognized for their outstanding service:

Lilliam Barrios-Paoli was the graduation speaker for the School of Social Work's Class of 2014. She serves as Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services under NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio. We have posted the full text of her address. Congratulations, 2014 graduates!

We are live tweeting today's Columbia School of Social Work's graduation ceremony using the hashtag #cssw2014.

This video was created for the World Health Organization, and is being screened this week at its General Assembly. It highlights the collaboration between CSSW's Dr. Fred Ssewamala and MSPH's Dr. John Santelli in developing interventions to prevent Ugandan youth who are risk of HIV infection, from dropping out of school.

Several of our 2014 graduates talk about the anxieties, thrills and ambitions of Capstone Week 2014 in this specially-produced video.

The Columbia Social Work Review serves as a forum for the exchange of innovative ideas from the perspective of social work students. Check out the highlights of this year's issue in this slideshow celebrating the mid-April launch.

Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, who heads social services under New York City Mayor DeBlasio, will serve as speaker for the Columbia School of Social Work's graduation ceremony, to be held on Wednesday May 21 at the Beacon Theatre.

The William T. Grant Foundation has named Associate Professor Michael MacKenzie as a William T. Grant Scholar. He will be researching “Children in Limbo: A Transactional Model of Foster Care Placement Instability.”

What is elder abuse and what are the signs that an older person is a victim of abuse? Adjunct professor Michael Friedman, along with Joy Solomon and Malya Kurzwell Levin, provide an overview.

In this podcast, alumnus Matt Omelagah has some choice words of advice for students who are interested in pursuing a social work degree in social enterprise administration.

The first findings have been released from the CPRC-Robin Hood survey of New York City families, showing that poverty and hardship are worse than official estimates indicate--findings that may also help inform the national debate over how best to help the poor.

Welcome to Part 2 of our podcast featuring two DSM experts, Drs. Michael First and Janet Williams, talking about the implications of DSM-5 for social workers who deliver mental health services.

Children who are spanked by their parents go on to have more aggressive behavior, which in turn predicts increased spanking, according to a team of Columbia University researchers. Lead author, CSSW Associate Professor Michael MacKenzie, said: "Parents with more challenging children need support to avoid this escalating pattern.”

Two faculty members and the Director of Advising discuss the fit between social work and disaster response, and how it applies to this local tragedy.

Australian psychologist Gina Perry joins Professor Amy Werman's social work research class by Skype, and a lively discussion ensues on the ethics of using human subjects in psychology experiments. Perry has written a book on the Milgram Experiment, told from the point of view of study participants.

The impact of the release of the DSM-5 last year is still being felt. In this podcast, two DSM experts, Drs. Michael First and Janet Williams, discuss the key changes that appear in this edition and their implications for social workers in mental health fields.

The Columbia School of Social Work faculty have committed to making their scholarly works accessible by signing on to Columbia University's open access resolution.

Read the responses given by Adjunct Associate Professor Michael B. Friedman to a debate concerning the effectiveness of the U.S. policy of deinstitutionalization of mental health services, organized by MedPageToday.com.

At the Columbia School of Social Work, as many as eleven faculty members have been awarded tenure over the past ten years. In this podcast, the latest to join the tenured ranks, Associate Professors Craig Schwalbe and Elwin Wu, reflect on tenure as both process and privilege.

For low-income Americans wishing to improve their health care, getting health insurance under Medicaid is just the first step towards obtaining care to meet her needs. Next they have to figure out how the system works. Professor Heidi Allen, who has researched this topic, explains.

Professor Friedman has worked in the field of mental health for over 45 years as a direct service provider, an administrator, a government official and as an educator.

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Assistant Professor Heidi Allen is one of the investigators in the groundbreaking Oregon Experiment, which recently published a paper showing that expanded Medicaid coverage boosted emergency room visits. In this post, she offers a possible explanation for this unexpected finding.

Second-year students, as well as anyone considering a social work career, may be interested in this "Career Outlook" infographic for our graduates, based on data collected from the Class of 2012.

The National Weather Service forecast predicts heavy snowfall and blizzard-like conditions Thursday evening into Friday morning, January 3rd. The Social Work Building will be closed on Friday, and field assignments for MS students are cancelled.