Thank you for your interest in recruiting talent from the Columbia School of Social Work for job openings and internships within your organization. To assist you in getting to know us better, we present the answers to some of the questions employers frequently ask us:

  • How do I post a job or internship with the Columbia School of Social Work?

    We encourage all employers to use our free online system to post job openings or internships for students or graduates.  Please log in and create an account at CAREER CONNECT (see links at right). NOTE: You can choose whether the applicants submit their résumé and other materials through the system, or by sending their materials directly to you.

  • Can I conduct interviews on campus?

    Yes. The Office of Career & Leadership Development will arrange interview rooms, assist with interview scheduling, and can also play a role in helping you decide which students to interview by advertising the position via e-mail and the online system. Students will be invited to submit their applications by a certain deadline, at which point our career office will e-mail you all the applications in a single batch. You can then decide on your interview candidates.

  • Does the School of Social Work organize any career fairs or other events?

    Yes. The Office of Career & Leadership Development cosponsors two major career fairs every year: the Not-for-Profit/Public Service Career Fair and the Citywide Master’s Level Social Work Job Fair. Watch this space for more information.

    But you don’t have to wait for one of these events to get to know our School and its students. Employers are welcome to visit the School at any time, and our career office can arrange for you to meet with interested students for an hour-long information session on your organization’s culture and career paths. For more information, please send an e-mail to or call (212) 851-2321.

  • Where is CSSW located?

    CSSW is located at 1255 Amsterdam Avenue (between 121st & 122nd Streets) on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and is easily accessible by public transportation or car. For more details, go to Map & Directions.

  • Still have questions?

    Still have questions?

    Please send an e-mail to or call (212) 851-2321.