“Ask Heather” Student Loan Repayment Webinars

June 2014

Heather Jarvis, a recognized expert on student loans, delivered a series of two Webinars, on April 29th and 30th, 2014, for CSSW students. In addition to her presentation, she fielded students' questions about how to manage repaying their student loans. During both sessions, Heather focused on:

  • how to determine your best strategy for minimizing the cost of your debt;
  • which loans are which and why it matters;
  • how different repayment plans work;
  • how you may benefit from income-driven repayment plans; and
  • how to take advantage of Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

Interested students and alumni may listen to the recording of one of the sessions, which is being stored on Heather's site through October 2014.*

NOTE: A Q&A session is included.

In addition, we urge you to review:

* The information presented in these webinars is accurate as of the date of the original recording. Please note that information and terms applied to federal student loans are subject to change, so please regularly check the following Department of Education Web sites for updates and information: http://www.direct.ed.gov/, http://studentaid.ed.gov/ and https://studentloans.gov