Student Life

Welcome, students! The Columbia School of Social Work is committed to supporting a wide range of student activities. You have an Office of Student Services as well as student representatives and many student groups called “caucuses,” which organize a myriad of events catering to student needs and interests. As an overview to student life, we have compiled a few of your most commonly asked questions.

  • What is student life like?

    The events that your caucuses plan on your behalf are educational, stimulating and fun. For most CSSW students, the biggest challenge lies in choosing among the myriad activities competing for your attendance and participation. There are School-wide events each semester including Self-Care Day in the Fall and Community Day in the Spring, as well as the Spring Gala at the end of the year. Many of the student groups sponsor panels, film screenings and other events that you won’t want to miss. This past year, for example, the Criminal Justice Caucus held a panel featuring Angela Davis that was open to entire student body at Columbia University—it was standing room only.

  • How can I get involved in student life at CSSW?

    You can join a caucus, start a caucus, or check out the student government. To get started, we suggest that you get to know this year's student representatives and caucus leaders (see list) and/or e-mail

  • How do I find out about what’s going on?

    Each week you’ll receive an e-mail listing caucus-sponsored and other school-wide events. These events are also listed on posters and fliers throughout the Social Work Building as well as on the digital monitor located on the first floor.

  • I worked on a publication as an undergraduate. Is there one I can work on at the School?

    If you enjoy working on publications, consider becoming involved in our annual student journal, the Columbia Social Work Review, which aims to provide a forum for social work students to share their research, experience and views with faculty, fellow students, and the larger social work community. The Review is always on the look-out for experienced editors as well as submissions on timely topics.

  • What if I have an idea for an activity or event?

    Your first step should be to contact a caucus or the Office of Student Services ( since every student event must be sponsored by a recognized student group or School office. Go to list of this year’s caucus leaders and student representatives.

  • How are student events funded?

    Your Student Activity Fee covers the cost of most of the School’s student events. Each year, student representatives and each of the caucus leaders submit a budget proposal to the Office of Student Services detailing their planned events for the academic year. Once their budgets have been approved, they start putting those events in place.

  • Still have questions?

    Still have questions?

    Please get in touch with our Program & Events Manager, Christina Vega, at or 212-851-2358. We also welcome any suggestions for improving the FAQs on this page. Please enter them into the "Contact Us" form.