Gender inequality

Learning to Thrive: How These Three Female Social Work Academics Reached the Top

Drs. Shear, Waldfogel and El-Bassel made the top five in a recent list showing citation impact of women academics in schools of social work. CSSW decided to ask them: What hurdles did they have to cross to achieve success? And what advice can they offer to up-and-coming female scholars in social work and related fields?

Applying Social Justice Advocacy Principles to Quebec's Charter of Values

In an op-ed for the Montreal Gazette, second-year student Gabrielle Cole argues that Quebec's values charter would encourage exclusion at home and hurt its image elsewhere. She developed these ideas in a Contemporary Social Issues class.

SWM-003: The Presumed Incompetence of Faculty Women of Color, with Professor Carmen Gonzalez

In this podcast, Carmen Gonzalez, Professor of Law at the Seattle University School of Law, discusses the provenance, methodology, and findings of her path-breaking book about the hurdles faced by women of color in the academy. Professor Gonzalez visited the Columbia School of Social Work in September for talks with faculty, advisors, and administrators.

WORLD AIDS DAY 2012: What Does "Getting to Zero" Mean for Women and Girls?

Professor Nabila El-Bassel wonders whether policy makers who have set the zero AIDS goal are accounting for the unique situation of at-risk women and girls—a population that historically has not received as much attention as other key groups.

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