Gun Violence

ALUMNI OPINION: The "Gun Problem" Isn't a "Mental Illness Problem." It's Just a "Gun Problem."

According to Dr. Peggy Drexler (MSW'84), the U.S. needs mental health reform, and it also needs tighter gun laws—and the two need to work in concert.

New York's School Social Workers Convene First-ever Conference to Address Cuts to School-based Mental Health Services

Social work professionals who serve New York’s public school system will convene on Thursday, June 4, at the Columbia School of Social Work for the first-ever conference to address the issue of how to keep school children safe in the face of drastic cuts to mental health services.

World Health Expert Martha Peláez Invites Social Work Graduates to Address "Gross Inequalities that Divide Us"

Dr. Martha B. Peláez was the graduation speaker for the School of Social Work's Class of 2015. She is the former regional advisor on aging to the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization, We have posted the full text of her address. Congratulations, 2015 graduates!

Mass Shooting Bandwagon Rolls Past the Bigger Problems in Mental Health

In the United States, more than half of people with serious mental illness do not get treatment at all. Perhaps if we addressed this crisis, we might also end up with fewer homicides, argues Adjunct Associate Professor Michael Friedman.

Professor Friedman: We Need "Assertive" Mental Health Services

Read the responses given by Adjunct Associate Professor Michael B. Friedman to a debate concerning the effectiveness of the U.S. policy of deinstitutionalization of mental health services, organized by

Gun Law Reform and Mental Health in Wake of Newtown—A CUSSW Panel

In response to the White House report proposing to tighten gun control and further mental health reform to curb gun violence, CUSSW Associate Professor Vicki Lens discussed the Second Amendment and CU Professor Michael Stone, the psychology of mass murderers.

Mass Murder: Is There A Mental Health Issue?

Calls to address "the mental health issue" have inevitably followed the mass murder at Newtown, Connecticut. But are there any interventions that would reduce the incidence of such tragic events? Associate Professor Michael B. Friedman considers the evidence.

NEWTOWN TRAGEDY: Recommendations for Coping with the Psychological Aftermath

The events of Sandy Hook elicited sadness, grief, anger and confusion. Social workers recognize and have studied this kind of anxiety. Professor Anne Conway provides recommendations for individuals and families looking for ways to cope.

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